Storage in College Station – How To Pack Your Unit

Storage in College Station - How To PackSo, you have chosen a storage facility in College Station. Now, comes the hard part – packing your new unit! If you keep a few things in mind, your packing (and unpacking) will go a lot smoother.

Identify the heaviest items and pack those on the bottom. I know this sounds like common sense, but you would be amazed how people start packing a unit only to realize that their heavy boxes are crushing their lighter boxes on bottom.

Which brings us to another point when packing for storage in College Station. It is always a good idea to lay a pallet down first to keep your valuables off the concrete floor. You can usually find pallets at lumber yards or furniture places.

Another good idea when packing your boxes in a storage facility is to leave aisles you can walk through to get to the back of your unit. You may just need something in the very back and having an aisle will allow you to easily retrieve that one box you need. Of course, you should label your boxes on all sides to make identification in tight spaces easier.

And here’s the biggest tip of all when using storage in College Station. ALWAYS empty your tools and appliances before storage. Imagine the smell if you leave water in a dishwasher or washing machine. Or imagine the fire hazard if you leave gas in lawn mowers, weed eaters or edgers. Not to mention, they won’t start very well when you retrieve them, from the unit.

So, follow a few of these tips when using storage in Bryan or College Station and you will have a better experience when you pack and then unpack your unit.


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